Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fish Tacos Quick

What do you do if you have a lb. of white fish that needs to be used that night and less than 30 minutes to prepare it, cook it and eat? Knowing that I also had some corn tortillas in the fridge, I googled "fish taco recipe" and one of the first sites listed was a great local Sacramento blog, Simply Recipes. Elise has written up a simple and easily adaptable recipe for fish tacos.

Using her recipe as a guide, I threw together my own version in less than 10 minutes. Ate quickly and was only 5 minutes late for setting up a book fair at my daughter's school. THANK YOU ELISE and Simply Recipes!!!!

This is what I did:

You will need:

1 lb. tilipia (or any white fish)
olive oil
corn tortillas
garlic salt (optional)

Soak the fish in cold water for about a minute. Heat up 2 pans, one for the tortillas and one for the fish. Add about 1 tbsp. to each pan.

Remove fish from water and pat dry. Sprinkle with garlic salt. Cook in pan until almost translucent (less than 1 minutes for thin slices, more for thicker). Turn and cook for about another minute.

Heat up tortillas in other pan. About 15-20 seconds per side. Oil is option but does add good flavor to store bought tortillas (I learned that from Simply Recipes :-)) and since my tortillas were getting a bit old, the oil helped greatly.

Assemble at table with any salsa. I just used a jar of Pace I had in my stockpile.

Next time I'll add coleslaw.


Elise said...

Aren't fish tacos the easiest things in the world to make? Glad you enjoyed them. :-)

Kickin' It Up In the Kitchen said...

I never would have realized how easy if I hadn't read your blog :-)