Friday, April 27, 2007

Verrines: Next Big Thing or Passing Fad

Lately I've become obsessed with researching verrines. Apparently they are very popular in France right now. After spending too much time surfing the web for information, I now realize there's not much out there abut them. There's not even a Wikipedia definition for verrines. Most articles I came across refer back to the LA Times article by Betty Hallock, Layered luxury in a glass.

So what are verrines? They are layers of food served in individual glasses. In some ways, a fancy parfait. Each layer is distinct but easily complements and blends with the other layers. They can be appetizers or desserts. They can be savory or sweet.

They seem to be the "in" g in LA's finest restaurants. What a great way to serve a little bit of food at an outrageous cost to people who don't really eat anyway? :-)

Since I'm more of a margaritas and mexican food girl, the recipes I found feature French layers, didn't really appeal to me. I think I'll try my own version this weekend. Stay Tuned.

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Garrett said...

The best layered food is 5 layer dip and baklava.