Saturday, April 28, 2007

From the Ashes, A Grill

Craig has repaired our gas grill! व्हिले I love the flavor from charcoal, it's nice to be able to grill a quick chicken breast without waiting 20 minutes for coals। Here's his description:

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, my grill is back! I replaced the heat shield, ceramic coals, handle, and re-attached the front panel. The project cost me around $50 - which is hundreds less than buying a new grill! My grill turns 8-years old this Father's Day. Hopefully I'll get another 8-years out of it now. All I need is propane, which we'll be buying tomorrow. ....and it could use a bath. I drilled two holes in the front panel and used tie-wraps to reattached it to the grill frame. Added a new heat shield and ceramic coals. My dad made the handle for me.

The old heat shield, or what was left of it.


cakegrrl2007 said...

You are a natural at this! I am so happy I met you at the festival, and love how often you are posting!! I look forward to your verrine research.

Garrett said...

Ugh, my old BBQ was banned at my new apartment complex. No charcoal rules; something about causing fires, etc. etc.
I need to get a hibachi now or something (too po' for a real grill.)

Brendon said...

I could not live without my grill. Summers spell B-B-Q!