Monday, December 24, 2007

Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine - GREAT DEAL

For months now I've been debating whether or not to subscribe to Rachael Ray's magazine. Instead of subscribing a periodically sneak a copy into my grocery cart and try not to watch the cashier ring it up at full cover price. Today I finally subscribed for only $5.32 for 10 issues. And, yes, the $5.32 is not a typo.

Here's the great deal I found:

- Go to
- Click on Deal of the Day
- Add Every Day to your cart
- At checkout, use SANTASALE18 in the promotion code box

The price will probably go up after today, but will still beat the cover price! also, if you go through, you will get a 6% rebate.


ThreeTastes said...

Do great minds think alike or what??! This is great to have another friend to bounce ideas and stuff off. I'm so glad your email address was still in use.

Merry Christmas, dear Mergey, and send our love to Craig and Alysa too!

White-Houses (Don White) said...
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Yorick said...

It's really a great BestDealMagazines offer...